Berlin has been great so far!  My intensive language class at the Goethe Institut is going well, the apartment and roommates are awesome, and Berlin is delightful (but could do with less dog shit and broken glass every 30 ft.  Berlin, I tell you this because I love you).

Some people from the Goethe Institut and I got the 3-Tage Karte/3-Day Ticket deal, which gets you into a ton of museums for three consecutive days.  Day 1 we went to the Pergamon Museum, Altes Museum, and saw a little of the Bode Museum.  Today was Day 2 and we went to the Neues Museum, saw the rest of the Bode Museum, and then I popped into the Altes Museum again to see some of my favorites again and do some sketches (which you’ll have to wait for).

The Pergamon Museum was awesome!  Of course, there’s debate about half of the things being housed there without permission of their countries of origin, but wow, it is a museum for architecture!  There’s the Pergamon Altar, the Gate of Ishtar, and a Greek market entrance. 

The Bode and Alte Museums were great!  Lots of classic and romantic stuff in the Bode and lots of classic Greek and Roman stuff in the Alte, including some stuff I’d seen in books and photos before, like Sosias dish with Achilles and Patroclus.  If you go, be sure to get the free audio guide, because there’s interesting commentary.  I never would have known that the perspective on Patroclus’s leg was anything special or that it’s an early example of the eyes being in profile.

There was a good collection of statues, as well, like the impressive bust of Athena (above!). 

The Bode has a bunch of stuff from the Middle Ages and a lot of religious art.  There were more statues, from more modern times (1700-), like the statue of Diana above.

The Neues Museum was okay.  Ancience Egypt is interesting and all, but I don’t really find the art dynamic.  Nice, they’re sitting.  Or, now they’re standing.  I know, it also served a purpose and lots of values were incorporated into how the works were created, but, damn, yawn.  There’s some neat stuff on the third floor from the Ice, Stone, Bronze, and Iron Ages in Europe.  I don’t think I would go back, though.

The Altes and Bode Museums are quieter and less-visited than the Pergamon and Neues Museums.  There were also a lot of people sketching there, which was nice!

And if you need a coffee after walking around for 6 hours, get it at the Altes (2-ish Euro), not at the Bode (4 Euro) D:

No drawings, because my batteries are currently spent and I either need to buy new ones or an adapter for my battery charger.  :/  I think I’ll just buy new batteries.